>>> We are nothing but blades of grass in the wind. Grains of sand

in the expanse of endless deserts. We are disappearing

like dying elephants. We’re sinking ships. Blank

cartridges in the war of the tides. Fading lights.

We flicker briefly before the plunge. Forgotten

in the expanses of space and time. <<<

pmw_____ EXIT.49___novel


















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paul m waschkau... author/playwright/director, has lived in Berlin since 1986 with extended periods in Paris, Buenos Aires, Lisboa, Lima, Mexico, New York, Montevideo, Marseille, Brazil and Odessa. A writer with a distinct penchant for dramatic textures and text-dissecting recitations, his literary and artistic work is largely situated in the indefinable borderland between poetic prose and peripheral theatre/poetry.


He was editor of a number of literary/theoretical journals (MINERVA/archangelsk/ALASKA), is cofounder of various art-projectiles (including HYDE KARTELL BERLIN/ Club der Bewussten/ BÜRO ARTAUD) and the initiator of specialist cult.congresses (Artaud Tribunal/Danielle Sarréra congress).


He has directed the international FORMATION INVASOR since 2006, radiating audiophonic and cinematic night flights and productions as TRAJECTORIES IN TIME.



> HYENA HEART / A KAMIKAZE’s DREAM # english version !


books >>> EXIT.49 – novel # Kato-Verlag Berlin 2007

archangelsk/träume aus titan - romantic fragment # Druckhaus Galrev Berlin 1999 

pmwaschkau has received grants and writing scholarships for literary projects (from, among others, Stiftung deutscher Kulturfond # Artaud.Foundation Marseille # House of Waves/Rhodos # Kunststiftung Schöppingen # Autorenstipendien Berlin & Schleswig-Holstein). He was awarded the Leonhard Frank prize of the Mainfranken Theater Würzburg in 2011 for his dramatic composition “NACKTES LEBEN oder BEI LEBENDIGEM LEIBE”.




  Frisierter Mischnitt einer Lesung in der Volksbühne Berlin.


“It’s late. I’m tired. I’m so tired. I want to sleep. I just want to sleep.”

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